Sunday, 13 October 2013

Day 2: Sunday

Mitre joints: filing and more filing.

First task was to take a length of cheapo tubing and create a mitre joint (basically file semi-circles into the end so that the tube could butt up against another one).

Once we got the hang of different types of files, we set about creating a perfect 90 degree mitres.  Then 4 more.  Then a few more.

My friends, the files - note the big bastard on the right*:

*Barstard is a type of file for all you people who worry about Political Correctness.

It seems like the whole day was spent filing semi circles in the ends of tubing.

The main exercise for today which took all afternoon was to draw out a mini bike frame in real size on a sheet of A4, measure the lengths and angles before cutting the tubes to length and mitring them to fit.

The most tricky bit was the bottom of the down tube where it joins both the bottom bracket and the seat tube as you have to put a double mitre in it.  Still, it was an enjoyable exercise and I guess we'll be brazing the frames tomorrow.

Here is what I achieved today:

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