Thursday, 17 October 2013

Thursday (Continued...)

There are some absolutely lovely roads around here for bike riding - we had a great trip out on cycle route 17,  in amazing countryside, dodging the debris washed into the road by the heavy rain of the last few days.

We did just over 20 miles as far as Hawkinge and back; Nick suffered a puncture in his rear tyre and for once one of my home made bikes proved unreliable!  How can this be?!  The nut holding the crank on kept working loose which was a pain, but I did meet some friendly locals by knocking on their doors and asking to borrow a 14mm socket!  Think I need a new crank spindle as the threads on the non-drive side are probably a little worn.

The hills were a bit of a challenge compared with a ride in Cambridge so maybe the bike was coming out in sympathy with me.  A swift pint in the King's Arms in Elham made matters a lot more tolerable on the way home:

Here are a few pics taken on the way - I can thoroughly recommend a bike ride around here:

Looking forward to some proper brazing  practice tomorrow...

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