Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 6: Thursday

A day off - nearly!

Today was supposed to be a break from the course but we did have the option of spending at least some of the day in the workshop.

I decided to spend the morning re-making the seat tube collar as the original one I made yesterday was not up to scratch.  After cutting the sleeve tube to size (I extended it to 100mm rather than yesterday's 70mm one) I marked four centrelines on it, to split the tube into quarters lenthways.  This enabled me to mark out the pointed sections and ensure that I got the filing straight.

Once it was filed to size, I could mark out and drill the holes as before.  Well, nearly as before except that I decided to put four 10mm holes, one on each centre line and then one 6mm hole on each point.

Looks pretty nice on the seat tube:

With that complete, Nick and I are going to head off for a bike ride in the sunshine.  Would be rude not to....

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